paintings 2008 – 2010

frosted heather 30 x 48in



dark lake and grasses 36 x 60in




island brambles 36x 60in




Island dunes 36 x 48in




path and orange branches 30 x 48in




trees in frost 36 x 60in




mountain lake 28 x 40in




winter grasses 24 x 36in




sunset grasses




orange light through trees 36 x 60in

2 responses to “paintings 2008 – 2010”

  1. Joanne Stranney Avatar
    Joanne Stranney

    Dear Miss Ballard
    Could you tell me if the paintings from your 2008- page are still for sale? I believe I saw one titled Through the Dunes? At the RUA several years ago and have always regretted not buying it!
    Memory has perhaps failed me with regards to the title but the colours look similar. It is my wedding anniversary coming up and we both love your work.
    Joanne Stranney

    1. Hi Joanne, thank you for your interest, I would have some paintings from around that time in my studio, if you would like to contact me through my email, that would be great and I could let you know in more detail, thanks, Lisa

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