Ballard uses landscape to explore her obsession with colour and light, in particular the juxtaposition of colours and how they affect each other. Often leaning towards abstraction, Lisa looks beyond the landscape itself creating powerful images that reflect the temporal and fleeting nature of her experience in that place.

Inspired by the landscape that surrounds her at home in Ireland, Lisa has also found traveling to be invaluable in her personal exploration of painting as a medium, supplying new ideas, always changing, the colours, scale and light so vividly different to that in Ireland. The light, both bright and washed out colours, inspire Lisa to capture a moment, whether it is dappled light, shadows on a wall, or a grand vista, wanting to share these moments with the viewer. Amalgamating images to create a new landscape, representing the way in which memories often become blurred in life, final images evoking a sense of time and place.

Focusing on the creative artistic process, Ballard uses painterly brush marks that encourage an organic response to every colour and layer she applies. She also incorporates washes, flat spray paint and scratches to allow the painting to evolve.

contact : lisaballard81@hotmail.co.uk











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